Today’s attack on Elite police Vehicle in which 05  people and 05 policemen were died, clearly shows the inability to run the affairs of the province with regard to deteriorating Law and order situation in the metropolis this morning.This is the same Inspector General of Police, which earlier headed the force during Nawaz Sharif regime-the then ousted Prime Minister. Under the command of Mian Shahbaz Shariff the Chief Minister, who utilized the so called services of Mr. Captain (retd) Arif Nawaz for his Elder Brother: Nawaz Sharif.

What is the use of Dolphin Force, Special Branch and other wings of Punjab Police? if they are not doing their respective duties as per SOPs. Police Chief is the commander of force and his commandments are binding on the officials and officers under his command, but it seems that all the wings of Punjab Police do not have even a single line of action or on the same page. In such a situation ,IG should have resigned from his job , if he cannot deliver.But the issue is not so simple,He does not want to forego the perks and privileges which he will be enjoying after proper retirement from this service-Who cares the innocent lives of the people , who came at Data Darbar to perform their religious offerings to the Greatest Ever Sufi Saint of  his times-who landed in Lahore only to spread humanity and safeguard Islam from the clutches of old-aged stereotyped rites and rituals of those times which were detrimental to Islam and humanity.The masses  in Pakistan are considered valueless and abundant by the Heads of Law enforcing agencies.They just interested only in their prerogatives ,privileges and protocols altogether.The elite group of Police Officers, which mainly comprised of CSP officers generally called PSPPolice Service of Pakistan do not bother to listen the grievances of the common man.

And above all what about the Memorandum of Understanding  signed between Police and Intelligence Bureau through which they agreed to speed up their joint efforts to weed out the terrorism from the province. In fact these pacts and agreements are all eye-washes only used to appease the general public and to please the higher command of the province.Where is the Additional IGCounter terrorismCTDPunjab and where is the Additional IG special Branch. perhaps both are busy in search of a better posting for themselves.

We want to conclude on the note that , the police force should get rid of old and tereotupe methods of defining action after something has happened, rather it should act proactively and ready to face every challenge with the sharing of information between all Law enforcing agencies and through exchange of information between civilian and Armed forces’ under control agencies.The Punjab Police Chief should think over to work independent ally and use modern tactics of responding to the incidents and to get rid of transfer postings of the officials by sitting in his precious office-for which the tax-payers money is used.Punjab Police Should adopt this slogan–PP–(PONDER OVER PERFORMANCE)

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