Pakistan Govt. Can’t Achieve Target of Wheat Production

Pakistan ranks in Wheat growing but now a days in Pakistan the rains has damaged almost all Wheat Crops. The Pakistan Economy is already in tight rope and Government is unlikely to achieve the Wheat Production Target of 25.50 Million Tonnes this year 2019. Because there is extended spells of rain in whole Pakistan.

A flash flood hit the River Panjkora near Timergara Town, after heavy rains lashed the Malakand Division. The KPK Govt says: The river was in medium flood and water flow stood at 24,301 cusec over the past 24 hours. The Panjkora River originates from the mountains of Upper Dir and its name refers to five tributaries that make up the river.

In Punjab, the initial Wheat loss has been estimated to be over 200,000 Tonnes, besides, the rains have left dozens of.

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