PAF Mirage 5 Air Crafts from Egypt

Alan Warne from Asian Military Audit has uncovered on Twitter that PAF is getting a clump of Delusion 5 (or Hallucination V) contender air ship from the Egyptian Flying corps. He tweeted:

He met the PAF Boss ACM Mujahid Anwar Khan on Wednesday at Moron Quarters Islamabad.

PAF’s JF-17 Square 3 and the dogfight of 27th February went under exchange amid the gathering. He additionally tweeted about the bringing down of SU-30MKI and the MI-17 helicopter shot somewhere near IAF itself.

Alan Warne is a military flying devotee and has voyage in excess of 60 nations to encounter assorted societies. He is an ordinary guest of Pakistan and has composed two books about PAF too.

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