The recent visit of Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, to Islamic Republic of Iran, attracts a lot of mixed criticism all over the country from all quarters of  society including opposition parties in the National Assembly and Senate of Pakistan.

In fact , this so called criticism  focused on the personality of Imran Khan  just only to undermine his credibility and status. Rather the focus should have been on the political condition or the present day issues of Pakistan. But it is not being taken into consideration because of the self interests  of the politicians of Pakistan, especially opposition parties.

This has been the history of Pakistani politics that it has always preferred personalities rather than systems or focus on issues of the masses of our country.But this time this is not a single man who is pursuing the agenda of change, but a whole system is with him along with the popular support of  PTI voters and almost of every quarter of our society which loves Pakistan alike.The intellectuals as well as intelligentsia of our country  wants to give a chance to the new face of democracy in our country.

The example of Pakistani democracy cannot be traced in the International Democratic practices, because we have had a chequered history of democracy in our country , since its inception. It may be called a system of quasi-democracy, admitted and accepted by all quarters to the extent of serving their self-interests as long a these are fulfilled through it.

Imran , the real protagonist and champion of  this new face of democratic set up fully supported by those quarters, which are called the saviors of this Nation in the critical times it faced  on many a occasions.

He is a solo flightier  and a greatest ever leader born to this Nation who wants to accomplishes his task without wasting any further time. So is his decision making as he has no vested interests and to compromise to  the National Agenda.

Opposition on the other hand,criticizing unnecessarily only to intact their agenda of creating hurdles in the way of progress and development of the country.The National kitty has been misused by the successive Governments who always accomplished their own agenda at the cost of this Nations poor classes, which are denied even the basic amenities of  daily life and even do not have to the clean drinking water facility and    mother child care in the far flung areas of the country.

The hope the Nation has associated with the new leader is not a baseless optimism at their end. The basic philosophy  to win the hearts of the people of Pakistan is only lies in  doing the popular decisions regarding the betterment of their daily life and health, education, food, water and shelter, etc.

The point is that at this critical juncture of the present political chaos  seems  one sided affair , because the people of Pakistan has fed up with the delivery of both the parties and waiting for a messiah to attend to their day to day issues and resolving their problems  by the new Government.

Now , we can safely say that  lack of patience and unnecessary criticism against the government may demoralized the civil machinery and overall Governance model.

We can achieve the desired results by supporting the actions and decisions of the present government for the sake of the future of our generations to come.

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