Too Much Makeup! 21 Horrifying Pakistani Celebrities

Makeup can turn a ordinary looking face into a Goddess by making lips fuller, eyes bigger and add much needed color to the pale cheeks (ask Iman Ali).

Excess of anything is bad. Too much of makeup is the worst. Not only does it make celebrities look horrific but it can give people some really scary nightmares. Here are a few Pakistani celebrities who used too much makeup!

1. Fiza Ali

Fiza Ali

She has a passion for wearing too much makeup. This is just one of many times she has overdone it.

2. Mathira


The tat, the pout, the jewelry… everything is perfect if only the makeup was not so horrific.

3. Veena Malik

veena malik

She just cried tears of glitter. True Story!

4. Meera


Wouldn’t want to run into her in a dark alley.

5. Reema


Reema is gori enough! How much more powder do you need?

6. Ahsan Khan

ahsan khan

The perfect bride for the perfect man with a facial hair fetish.

7. Sahir Lodhi

sahir lodhi

Looks just like Tom Cruise… ooo lala!

8. Nargis


The glare will make you blind.

9. Megha


She is like a rainbow.. a horrifying nightmarish rainbow.

10. Aminah Sheikh

aminah sheikh

She likes her base a little too much.

11. Mohib Mirza

mohib mirza

Man, leave your wife’s makeup alone!

12. Sana


Those eyes are more scary than the eye of Sauron.

13. Javeria Saud

javeria Saud

Such an innocent little nightmare.

14. Resham


Smoky eyes that made use of the whole eye pencil.

15. Sanam Chaudhary

sanam chaudhary

Does she have a cold? She looks like she is ill… No it’s just her makeup!

16. Mawra Hocane

marwa hocane

That makeup and the maniacal laugh.. sends shivers down my spine.

17. Saima


Please stay behind the fence.

18. Ayesha Umar

ayesha umar

Blush, blush too much blush.

19. Nadia Hassan

nadia hassan

Yep, the sweat washed off some of the makeup.

20. Humaima Malik

humaima malik

You know there is something wrong when your face complexion is different to your body’s.

21. Maria Wasti

maria wasti

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