Sanam Baloch Opens Up On Divorce Rumors

Actress and morning show host Sanam Baloch made several revelations in a recent chat show, spoke at length about her childhood, foray into the television and marriage.

Sanam whose parent’s separation at young age left her with painful memories, cleared the air about her sister Sabreen Hisbani, being rumored as her step sister, “Our names were registered officially in this fashion since childhood; we are Hisbani Baloch by cast,” Sanam explained.

Part 1 of the episode 

for Sanam ideal Man is one “He who doesn’t lie and is a thorough gentleman.”

During her conversation with host Samina Peerzada, the star talked about her sudden marriage with Abdullah Farhatullah and recounted how both of them joined a channel together by chance. On Her Divorce rumors, she expresses:

“We never planned our marriage but it happened organically. I really liked his disciplined nature and we became really good friends. We thought that that’s how we would spend our life forever,” she said adding, “He is a very nice guy and we share good intentions and will always be there for each other. However, we are not friends anymore,” she revealed.


Part 2 of the episode


On right to life life on ones own principles, Sanam said: “I would love to serve others in this lifetime, but it is not okay to let other people instruct you how to live your life. I have noticed that our society only gives this right to a man to take ownership of not only his life but also of the women around him,”.

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