Pakistan Morning Show is running out of content!! or its a break before Wedding Season

Is it really just Social media Karizma or the desperation for ratings that Electronic media looks eager to keep their morning shows on top. Although things are changing and so does the industry, and anything catchy, goes viral the electronic media in particular immediately tries to cash it!

Same thing happening these days as well, after a break from “Justin Bibis and Chae Wala” Chuttiyapa.

Innocence of cute Pathan kid, Ahmed, recently went viral where he was seen fighting to get his bag back. That Angel’s speaking accent and his aggression for his bag was loved by almost everyone on Social Media and the video went viral.

To get ratings Regional Channel KAY-2 hosted an entire show on the kid, which was horrible and dicey as where we are taking our generation and we are failing in preserving talents. have we Lost t!!

The desperation of Ratings is invading main stream Media houses as well. Today Nida Yasir invited this kid named Ahmed to her show “Good Morning Pakistan”

It was expected a portion of a show dedicated to this Emerging Social Media Star, Ahmed. But, to our agony the whole show was telecast on a small kid.

Though Nida’s efforts to bring the kid everyone loved to the show, are respected but forcing him to show his anger on the show, instigating him to be ill-mannered and glorifying it, Have we seriously lost it!! Are we missing good content here, or its just the lack of production house to invest on content as well.

She even asked other children to mimic him, so they could also “express” their anger in this right way! Do Not Try This At Home, Mine especially!!

Kids are innocent and their cute talks are always loved, but reproducing same content again and again, rather then bringing more flavor out of his personality and flourishing  kid’s talent, is not appreciated on Social Media.

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