Neelam Muneer Too Hot to Handle

Neelam Muneer has been highly active and meaningfully controversial with her Jabs at social media.

Lets see if you could handle this beauty!

1. That ‘Dil Nawaz’ drama where she played the most intimidating witch EVER

2. Captioning makeup-free pics with Pashto. Like DAYUMMM MAMA

3. Eyes. That is all.

4. That windy selfie that blew us all away

5. Neelam embracing her mole…YAS GIRLLLL

6. That time she slew like a tigress on Eid

7. That time she went on a show and warned anyone who would lie or misbehave would suffer her wrath

8. Her love for her fans is the CUTESTTT and this throwback legit ruined us

9. Reading her dialogues like a P R O

10. That time she preached hard work and love above all else

11. And how can we forget Neelam’s stint in Asim Azhar’s video?


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