#MeToo Alert: Pakistan Senior Journalist, Hassan Nisar, abuses his female Colleague

Pakistan famous Journalist, Hassan Nisar’s new controversy is hitting Social Media, and this time it is insane. Followers on Twitter are showing mix reactions on the false language used against his own female colleague.

These tensions are particularly acute for women, whose digital lives, at least in some parts of the country, play out against the backdrop of a conservative culture where even the fact of being on-screen can carry a stigma.

Women harassment by senior predators in media is a global problem but the consequences vary from country to country.

Senior journalist Mubasher Lucman was speechless on watching this video and uttered mere disappointment on what had just happened. This is not for the firs time this kind of attitude is being witnessed from senior media figures.

PTI Supporters came for the rescue of Hassan Nisar, as these things are minor in front of huge responsibility, this legendary inspirational talker is carrying against corrupt Mafia. To them if Satan Support Imran Khan, they are willing to worship him as well.

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Twitter Follower, Nasreen rubbishes off this allegation and showed strong support for her Ideal, Mr Hassan Nisar.

Senior Anchor person MatiUllah Jan also defended his senior colleague by schooling professionalism to camera team and respect for privacy for off screen conversation.

Senior Journalist AzazSyed supported the team who leaked this video by saying,” Young journalists are exposing all those who are on wrong side..”

Duniya news Senior journalist and respected figure Mr Haroon Rasheed was also caught in controversy this month for misusing his stature and position against Police officials, which came under some serious bashing on social media as well electronic media.

As a Nation we must realize that to improve our Socio-Economic culture, we have to change our attitude towards these minor issues.


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