Licence Plates around the world: That Will Make You Laugh Till Your Tummy Hurts

Some epic plates that need to be enjoyed. Sure there’s tons out there but these are the ones that really caught our eye – take a look at our list.

1. Depending on how you read this plate you either won’t stop laughing or be utterly confused like me….

i farted

2. I guess they were too busy reading the plate rather than looking at the road and boom he did the opposite

plz stop
Nike Talk

3. Dog or relatives? – Now we know which he prefers 🙂

dog or relatives
Pak 101

4. Really living up to those blonde jokes, who put this plate on didn’t they notice!!!


5. You have to wonder just how much they love their kids – or maybe where they like to travel?

eat the kids first
Joke Roo

6. The plate says it all … EPIC FAIL

epic fail
Life Buzz

7. You might not wanna mess with the lady driving this car – keep a safe distance away

PMS 24-7

8. Love doesn’t get you far or give you a full tank of gas…

Pak Passion

9. I’ve seen a his and her plate but never this one …

was his
BC Sport Bikes

 10. You know where this person spent all his money…

Mr Jam

11. You know what this guy thinks of you 🙂

Opn Minded

12. The next two pictures go hand in hand – police car with a customized plate – fine try it – he’s taunting you to go fast

Police car
Freaking News

13. And the smart ass that takes the taunt …

hi officer
Coffee Break Brain Burst/

14. Giving excellent free advice to all those on the road…

pee before you go

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