Latest Updates!! Ko Ko Korina Saga: War of Words

As in our previous posts, we have been covering the news regarding COke Studio’s latest Fiasco “KO KO Korina”, which has taken Social Media with Storm. Mix reactions observed after the 1960’s Famous Song was recreated in Voices of Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir, while things heated up when Minister for Human rights Miss Shireen Mazari, expressed her anger over ordinary attempt for the Heroic song was performed, non other than Coke Studio itself.

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Oh Ho ho.. Miss Mustehsan did very wrong by bringing politics into this Fiasco. Everyone has right to react to anything which is dear to you. Momina was right when she talked about “Freedom of Expression” but rules must be applied all around.

Things when out of hand, when Momina blame, lady minister for discrimination, which not went well with and Shireen quite harshly rubbish things of

“R u serious! Liking or disliking a song has nothing to do with anyone or any politics! It’s a personal choice. I did not like the song. End of story.”.


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