Chilling Halloween DIY Crafts 2018!!

When it comes to decorating your home, Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year! There are so many boo-tifully haunting Halloween crafts you can make — like our DIY glitter “boo” letters, an easy & adorable black cat wreath, and these spooktacular Mummy Mason Jars.

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For even more great decorations for your home or a Halloween party, check out these perfectly chilling craft roundups:

Gooey monster slime jar Halloween craft

Like it or not, kids love slime. They love making it, playing with it, and grossing people out with it. So, why fight it? Think of it as educational fun.

They get to learn about chemical reactions while making a mixture that oozes and stretches and is just generally icky, which makes them love it even more.

Yarn spider Halloween craft

Did you know it’s been estimated that, on average, a human is never more than 10 feet from a spider? You read that correctly—never. Now, if it’s one of these adorable yarn spiders, we doubt anyone would mind. But, what are the chances they will all be this cute and, well, not alive? Seems unlikely.

Rainbow paper tube bats Halloween craft

Don’t know about you, but bats give us the heebie jeebies. Big googly eyes, huge ears, scrawny black bodies – they’re just one big, flying ball of creepy! That’s why we love these rainbow paper tube bats, that are all bright, happy colors and ooze cuteness. Nothing scary about these at all!

Mummy Mason jar Halloween craft

Mummies recall scenes of slow-moving, wrapped in gauze, dripping in blood, moaning semi-humans. Not exactly cute and crafty. However, this mummy Mason jar craft, is exactly that—cute, crafty, easy, and budget-friendly. Nothing scary about it at all!

Yarn pumpkin garland Halloween craft

The beginning of autumn means cooler weather, shorter days, leaves changing colors, and pumpkins, of course! Nothing signifies the beginning of this new season better than the assortment of pumpkins – real and handmade – that will begin to show up everywhere. This yarn pumpkin garland craft, is the ideal, easy, DIY craft to fit right in with the pumpkin theme that will soon take over.


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