Bollywood Actress Shushmita Sen’s Love Life: All You Need To Know

Former Miss Universe, 42 years old, Sushmita Sen’s love life has always been on the go. Wonder woman, mother of 2, doesn’t need a man to support her. The love life of this mother is making headlines once again with rumoured by friend, model Rohman Shawl.

Here are some men who were lucky enough to be in Sush’s life

#1. Vikram Bhatt

Sushmita Sen And Her Love LifeDuring filming of, Dastak, Vikram Bhatt and Sushmita Sen started seeing each while Vikram Bhatt was married.

#2. Randeep Hooda

Sushmita Sen And Her Love Life

Randeep Hooda and Sushmita Sen’s 3 years relationship lasted on every tabloid of B Town before Hooda bitterly ended it in an interview:

“The biggest part of my relationship with her over three years was my relationship with her daughter, Renee. I missed only one theatre rehearsal in my life as Sushmita wanted me to not go and that is the worst thing I did in terms of my value system. I was exposed to fame although I was on the sidelines as I was not a star. The break-up was the best thing that happened to me and I realised that I gave it too much time in my life.”

#3. Bunty Sachdev

Sushmita Sen And Her Love Life

Cornerstone’s head Bunty Sachdev was once rumored to be dating Shushmita while working as her manager, which was laughed off by Shush…

Bunty Sachdev was also rumoured to be dating Sonakshi Sinha.

#4. Imtiyaz Khatri

Sushmita sen love life

At 36, Shushmita Sen fell for a 22-years old businessman, Imtiyaz Khatri. Though Sushmita never commented on it, Imtiyaz always said that they were good friends.

#5. Mudassar Aziz

Sushmita Sen And Her Love Life

was the director of Sushmita Sen’s movie,

Dulha Mil Gaya director Mudassar Aziz fell in love with this gorgeous lady, However, the two split after a while. Mudassar agave respect to Shushmita saying:

“She is a lovely person and I adore and respect her for the decisions she has taken in her life. She has lived life on her own terms. Not many can do that. Apart from this, I have the highest professional regard for her. I have been a fan of her films.”

#6. Sabeer Bhatia

Sushmita Sen And Her Love Life

Hotmail founder, Sabeer Bhatia  was rumoured to be in a steady relationshif before  former Miss Universe  Sen called it off. Bhatia gifted a 10.5-carat diamond to his lady-love, was a rumour for every tabloid in the industry.

#7. Sanjay Narang

Sushmita Sen And Her Love Life

Sushmita declared her love tale with hotelier Sanjay Narang through an Instagram post in which she wrote:

“When ‘He’ tells you the most beautiful things and REALLY means them!!!! Being in love is one thing, BEING love is everything.”

Sadly, the couple is no longer together.

#8. Waseem Akram

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Big time news break, when hot gossips came that former Miss Universe Shushmita Sen and Pakistani Cricketer Waseem Akram were getting married, after former Captain’s wife died. But Shushmita denied it

It is not true. I am not getting married. Wasim is a wonderful man. God bless him,

#9. Ritik Bhasin

Sushmita Sen And Her Love Life

Hotelier, Ritik Bhasin and Sushmita Sen were seen together at Zaheer and Sagarika’s reception and were inseparable! But..

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