Armeena Khan Savage Reply to an Escort Service Provider in Pakistan

A 31 year old, Pakistani-Canadian film and television actress and model Armeena Khan is Pakistan’s most popular actresses, and has received a Lux Style Award, a Hum Award and a Nigar Award nomination.

On Sunday Afternoon, Armeena received a message on twitter, which upset her to the core that she twitted from her official account @ArmeenaRK, that she is receiving some disgusting messages on social media. Moreover she shared a message as well, an encourage her followers to report to police and authorities regarding such messages. She showed her concerns for the innocent girls being mis-used or exploited in Escorts services across Pakistan.

Expressing her anger! she twitted,” Good Morning everyone. I want to highlight these disturbing, disgusting messages left on my social media. Please whenever you see such messages report them, ideally to the police. We don’t know how many young girls are being exploited or held against their will.”

Hope Other known Celebs and Officials take notice and speak up over #MeToo Movement across country .

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