7 Minor Things On Your Clothes That Actually Serve An Important Purpose

We usually wear clothes which are comfortable and suits our style, without much thinking about tiny little things on our clothes and their purpose.

Have you ever paid attention to extra holes, buttons, and pockets?

They all serve a purpose too!

1. Tiny buttons on jeans

Those little metal pieces of your jeans are called rivets, and their function is actually so important that you probably shouldn’t buy jeans that don’t come with them.

In the 1870s, physical laborers wore denim that easily fell apart, but one tailor thought of a solution to this problem.

By adding little buttons to areas of jeans that stretch the most, the fabric will hold much better, preventing tears.

2. The loops on the back of button-down shirts

Button-down shirts are often accompanied with a nice tie that cover this strange loop on the back of the shirt.

It doesn’t make sense for the necktie to loop in it, so what’s it for?

Back in the 1960s, the Gant company started marketing shirts with “locker loops” to Ivy League students who wanted their shirts to stay wrinkle-free when they stored them in their lockers.

It was a simple solution that people loved, and so these loops can still be found on button-down shirts today.

3. Underwear pockets

This underwear pouch, also called the gusset, is sewn only one way for a special reason.

This soft layer is not only made for hygiene and absorbency purposes, but to add more comfort.

It allows women to move more freely, and not have to worry about the seams tearing.

Also, leaving a pocket-like opening speeds up production, especially when it comes to cheaper garments.

If you’ve ever owned a pair of converse trainers, you’ve definitely noticed two extra lace holes on the side of the shoe.

The main purpose is for ventilation, because everyone’s feet gets sweaty after wearing shoes for hours.

The second purpose is actually pretty clever. These two extra holes can be used to make your shoes tighter around your feet, preventing unexpected injuries.

5. Square patches on backpacks

Backpacks are technically considered accessories, but some fashionistas would beg to differ.

Those square or diamond patches you can find on some backpacks aren’t just there for aesthetic purposes.

Also called the “lash tab,” these patches are actually so useful that you’ll kick yourself for not having thought of their purpose when you were a school kid.

They’re meant for items to be strung through them to hang off your backpack, like a pair of shoes or a water bottle.

6. Extra holes at the top of running shoes

Do your shoes not fit right? Tired of getting blisters? The extra holes at the top of running shoes serve an important function to make you more comfortable.

7. Tiny pockets on jeans

Thanks to the metal studs on blue jeans, we can enjoy the fashionable attire for longer.

Those mini pockets, however, aren’t that useful anymore, but aren’t completely useless.

Back in the days when people had pocket watches, they’d put them in these tiny jean pockets.

We have our mobile phones to tell time now, but these tiny pockets can store other little items, like loose change, hair ties, and whatever else your heart desires.

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