Today’s match was again won by England  with 03 wickets,as Pakistan performed as usual.The whole teams lacks the will of victory-seems as just doing a good practice before the start of the World Cup -2019 campaign.It was a team less effort in which sole performances were done at the cost of  defeat of Pakistan in the end.It seems that ,PCB,selectors, team management,captain and coach,everybody has not mentally and practically prepared for the World-Cup 2019.It was an opportunity, which could be used in Pakistan’s favor has gone wasted.Pakistan team lacking in a winning combination and in search of  all rounders to perform.No bowler has yet impressed with its performance… and it seems that everybody is waiting for Shadab Khan to do the trick for Pakistan.Babar Azam lacking vibrance like A.B.Deviliers of South Africa.He has made his 9th century but how many centuries of his could have got victory for  the country..might be not a single one.On the other hand, the few scores and pace of playing first 15 to 20 overs of the innings could have won the matches for their teams by  Aron Finch, Warner, Eoin Morgan,Maxwell,Chris Gale like players and so on.

If we look today,s effort of Pakistan team, we can say that team is lacking in joint effort, a will of victory, a positive body language, a winning combination and above all a pace attack that can contain the opponent teams to score freely and shortage of all rounders. Sarfraz, the skipper, is not leading from the front and displaying bizarre performances again and again.This is not the huge total on the board ,which could guarantee victory but the utilization of available resources and capitalizing the opportunity that works. Ground fielding was again not up to the mark which cost so many unnecessary runs to the tally of the opponents.

The team management to revisit its strategy and should call another player like Rizwan-the wicket keeper batsman ,who has some vibrancy in his shorts and can be a substitute wicket keeper- during a long tournament. Hafeez should be used as a all rounder along with Shadab Khan, if the team wants to go on the passage of victory.

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