This Kardashian Photoshop Fail!! Can You Spot What’s Wrong in this Pic?

Can you guess, what is wrong with the picture of Kardashians?

Rather than gluing your eyes to their arms and legs, take note of the sisters’ heights.

We’ve been tricked into thinking everything looks A-OK because there is a slight height difference between the three sisters. Plus, the placement of Kourtney between Kendall and Kylie helps mask the obviously flub. But we know…oh, do we know…

To compare, check out this group photo from the sisters’ August 2018 Calvin Klein campaign photoshoot. Here, we can see a huge height difference (we’d guess around nine inches — Kourtney is 5’1″ and Khloé is 5’10”) between Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé. It helps that the girls aren’t wearing heels.

But if you need more evidence, let’s go through these pics:

We think you get it.

We’re certainly not upset at the edit in any way. We’re more shocked that we didn’t immediately see the flaw earlier. Perhaps it’s the heels. Maybe it’s the Photoshop. Is this a life-changing revelation? Certainly not. But if you love the Kardashians like we do, you want to know all the Kardash-Jenner gossip you can possibly get your hands on.


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