New Tariffs imposed by Trump will result in leaning USA Towards China

The American people are in severe  budgetary crunch of their households that they have to spend more on goods of daily use.The shampoos, cereals, and other goods used by a common american became expensive and so on.

The Trump administration raised tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese goods to 25 percent from 10 percent on Friday. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said the U.S. was preparing to expand those tariffs to cover $300 billion of Chinese products that aren’t already facing import taxes, or virtually everything imported.

The experts say that, the present hike in tariffs of all imports from china has  affected the purchasing options of common Americans.What the future outlook, cannot be predicted in this regard.But , it is obvious that, the life of the common American will become more and more difficult..and one or the other day the American Administration under Trump will have to bow down to China.It is because the American Economy has in fact become reliant on China.And within the shortest possible effort ,it cannot change the course.Because of the cheap and frequency of the availability of goods from China.It is china ,that can bear the brunt of tariff hikes imposed by USA,but not the Trump administration that can resist the common American’s plight and hardships in this connection.

It is advisable, for now, for the Trump administration to come to the negotiation table, if it happens in the favor of USA.If USA not comes to the table,right now, the difficult times are ahead and the opportunity  will go wasted and the maintenance  Self-respect for Trump Administration would be a herculean task, in the ever-changing scenario of world-political economy.

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