Better Call Saul upcoming season will be like Breaking Bad, says the creator Vince Gilligan.

Shooting for the  Better Call Saul Season 4 is currently underway in Albuquerque New Mexico.

But we don’t know exactly what to expect from this season and the return of James McGill.

The creator of the show Vince Gilligan who had also created the prequel to the Better Call Saul, the hugely successful Breaking Bad has told the media that the gap between the two shows is getting smaller and smaller.

Vince told that this season of Better Call Saul will be very much similar in tone to the Breaking Bad.

Vince Gilligan emphasized on the fact that this year, Better call saul will become darker than ever before.

Vince told the reporters:

If you think of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul in terms of a Venn diagram, the overlap is getting bigger and bigger, and therefore Better Call Saul is getting darker in season 4. It’s funny – Peter Gould and I would have long walks at the end of Breaking Bad where we’d discuss Better Call Saul and we really assumed it’d be an out-and-out comedy, we really did. Now it could be nothing but what it is. I’m not as actively involved but I’m watching from afar as a fan and I am really impressed with the storytelling. In season 4, I mean, it’s… it’s… it’s very much like Breaking Bad. There’s some great stuff coming up. As with Breaking Bad, there’s humour wherever we can find it provided it’s legitimate and well-earned. but those moments of earning it are now fewer and far between.

The makers also hinted that there could be 2 to 3 more seasons of Better Call Saul. If that’s the case, BCS will have almost same number of episodes as Breaking Bad.

Although, there is no air date announced for the first episode of Season 4, but Better Call Saul will return to AMC and Netflix later this year.

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