2018 Best Ringtones Channels & Latest Apple iPhone Ringtones Website

I have been writing a lot of content on mobile phones and ringtones. At times it becomes difficult to fit words in a post with a big title. But guess what tonight I have some extra powers running in me. So I thought to write in a different way. I hope My article covers all the content as mentioned in the title. Ok, Ringtones as we all know very well and I don’t think I should be covering on this but still for some user’s I have to write this. These small music tunes are around us for almost 2 decades and have done a business of billions in the 2000s and continue to bring more wave in the coming years. So now as my audience is aware of the market size and the amount of money involved in the business I will try and get back to my title. Why 2018? This year is special for me at least. I have been writing on ringtones for almost 2 years because of my client. I ended with titles and content and was lost for words. So what I did, I googled “Ringtones” and used google feature of displaying the result of web posts of last hours, week, month and so on. I picked up last week and guess what I was surprised to see the same old article of mine with a new title “Top iPhone Ringtones 2018” well this was not the original title of my post it was “2016” and when I clicked on it to read the article I clearly see that its now being converted and spun through some spinner. But it was mine and I could tell that even if I go blind lol. So after looking at this misuse of content I thought not to give up and started finding new ways to write content that could engage more audience and no spinning done. So first never cheat others if it’s not a problem for you today trust me it will become one in the future.

2018 ringtones market started out on a very high note as a big change was brought at the end of the year 2017 by Apple INC. The change was in the ringtones section of the most awaited phone of that year naming iPhone x. The number of searches went high on different keywords obviously related to “iPhone x” and a lot of websites started offering the same ringtone or its remixes which were created by different music lovers or you can call them ringtones lover. As they say in business when the demand is high the supply goes high as well so that means a lot of new websites started emerging with fresh content and some with old content. The mega giant in mobile personalization category who has used ringtones as a weapon to market a single application naming Zedge. Which has lost its way in between and was forced down in search engine by other quality providing ringtones website. And especially in the Apple iPhone category, a website naming https://www.ringtonespoint.com is giving serious competition to a lot of iPhone ringtones providing application and websites including Zedge and other big names like MobilesRingtones, RingtonesLab is affected by this However, not only this website a lot of other mobile ringtones website is ranking high on google search and other search engines. But if we consider the google search only the number of people looking out for Apple default ringtones are very high these ringtones belongs to Apple INC but are used under a license which allows different parties to re-use it or re-create it, So chances of copyrights claims are near to zero. So for me, the pick of the website would be Ringtones Point as its covering the main ringtones categories that are default iPhone ringtones. These iPhone ringtones are used and set by the different Android users across the globe and guess what only 10 % of iPhone user change its default ringtone. So all this market I have been writing about is of Android ringtones user.

This year top and the most popular ringtone is evidently proven by the number of downloads against this special ringtone on different popular and not so popular platforms naming “iPhone default reflection ringtone” and the other ringtones made it to my list is a very special ringtone from a very popular DJ. Title of the ringtone is “Cover me alone ringtone”. And the ringtone who has been the top ringtone of 2017 is still in the top charts “Let me love you ringtone”.

The best ringtones channel well, this area has taken a lot of time. Because all the new ringtones sharing portal including MobilesRingtones, RingtonesLab, RingtonesPoint etc now have a channel system just like YouTube or other video sharing portal. What I scanned in these channels was the ringtones and the owner’s who are producing or creating those ringtones. The one who had topped the ranking this year is “Hashim Hameed” of Ringtones Lab, “Harvey Specter” oF Ringtones Home, and “Umair Khan” Of RingtonesPoint.com. To open any of these channels simple go to the website as mentioned up here and you will find these profiles or channels who have uploaded the best ringtones content so far in this year on a different ringtones sharing portal.

I hope you people have liked my article the need to improve is always there no matter how hard you try to bring the better results. The only way I’ll be able to work on my mistakes is by knowing them And the only way I can know them is through you. Simply comment and leave your feedback. Have a good day.

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