The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is the second largest inter-governmental organization in the world after the United Nations. It was founded by a charter in 1969, following decades of deliberation by Muslim scholars and statesmen around the idea of forming a global Islamic

Prime Minister Imran Khan  to attend the 13th Heads of States Session to be held in Saudi Arabia on May 31,2019.It is a great opportunity to work for the betterment of the whole Muslim Ummah,the issues it is facing at present. The slogan for this session is to look forward in the future-prospects and opportunities for the progress and development of the Muslim Ummah.To capitalize this opportunity , Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan can put forward the cause of Muslim World-promote Pan-Islamism with special reference to the plight of Muslims of Syria, and Pelistine.

Muslim ummah particularly in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Pelitine has been facing the severest genocide  of the history of Islam.Turkey and its government might be a very useful  voice of the unity  and integrity of the cause of Muslim Ummah in General and the plight of the Muslims living in the war torn areas of Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon,iraq and above all with speciall attention towards the growing tensions between KSA and Iran.The middle East has always been a very important region for the world powers-as it has rich resources of oil.The reason of divide and hostility between Muslim countries lies in their strength of oil reserves for which they mostly rely on the word powers. They did not make  their Islamic brethren strong by using their oil reserves,but inflicted war on each other , only to provide the outer world to interfere with their affairs.

Now this the turn of Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan to deliver through this forum.He should propagate the thinking of Pan Islamism -which was originated by the great thinker and intellectual and scholar  Sayyed Jamal ud din Afghani (1838-1897).One of the most influential Muslims with towering personality and sparkling ideology, Sayyed Jamaluddin Afghani was the harbinger of Muslim Renaissance in the 19th century. He was the principal figure in awakening Islamic political sentiments and social reforms in India, Persia, Afghanistan, Egypt and the Ottoman Empire. He was an intellectual, a versatile genius, a wandering missionary, an impressive interpreter of the Holy Quran and an orator of the highest caliber who brought about a universal awakening throughout the world of Islam.

Imran Khan a learned leader of the day and graduated from Oxford  has become the symbol of change and the harbinger of eradication of poverty from the country , and above all a honest and hardworking leader who believes in the philosophy of Islam and takes spiritual inspiration from the City State of Medina ,under the Greatest ever Leadership of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).He can be a strong  voice of Muslim Ummah as the Islamic Leadership Likes him as a charismatic personality and a leader par excellence.

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