The other day the charismatic Prime Minister of  Pakistan ,Imran Khan paid surprise visits to get first hand information of  the public woes and misery in the police stations, hospitals and other public places in Tala Gang, Jauherabad, Khushab,Sarghoda.This is a great initiative of Imran Khan the premier, because , the government is under pressure due to the recent price hike in daily use goods of household and in petrol , Gas  and Electricity prices ahead of  the Holy month of Ramadan.

It might be called a footstep  in pursuance of the achievement of Governance model of the Great City State o f Madina ,under  the Greatest ever leadership of the  Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)  and afterwards regained and practiced by the great Caliph Hazrat Umer (RA).It seems that the   Great leader like Imran Khan has a vision of  serving  the general public beyond his political affiliation and personal agenda like his predecessors. Unlike his predecessors, he has a definite will and  sympathy for the poor of our society.It can be interpreted into the service delivery and having a soft corner for the under privileged classes of our country.This recent initiative of the Prime Minister shows the integrity and  compassion.This great visit of the Prime Minister will  force the bureaucratic system of our country to deliver or will face the music in turn.Since the introduction of Democracy in our country, these are the masses who are the real losers in this set up , which is an ironic situation as,Democracy means , the government of the people, government by the people and government for the people.

This step of Imran Khan as a leader will create space for the poor and the government machinery , if not take it easy, will deliver in future.If we have to go with the pace of the st century and to get rid of our woes and self-inflicted misery, we have to think forward and perform selflessly.

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