Top 5 Strangest Habits Of Bollywood Celebrities, You Absolutely Do Not Know!!

4. Saif Ali Khan – Got a Library and Phone extension in Toilet

Chotey Nawab, the Shakun Kothari from film Baazaar, Saif Ali Khan has a real library and a phone extension in his bathroom!

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Saif Ali Khan has a weird habit of reading in the toilet. To conclude, he got a library inside his toilet.

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It’s like his second home! We wonder how much time he takes every morning there? We hope you have a separate bathroom to use, Kareena Kapoor Khan.


5. Salman Khan – Quite a freak about collecting soaps

The Sultan of Bollywood, Salman Khan is so crazy of collecting soaps, that he has a unique collection of soaps from around the world, all handmade, designer and herbal ones.

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Bollywood Celebrity’s favourite ones are Virgin fruit and vegetable extracted soaps.

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The Dabangg star has a habit of buying herbal soaps where ever he travel and get a chance of shopping.

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He is surely the best smelling celebrity in Bollywood whose presence on the sets is felt through his fragrance! Salman even steers clear of napkins and tissues and is only loyal to a particular cloth mulmul.

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