Ranveer singh interview about Gully boy

Gully boy is based on the life of street rappers divine and naezy. According to Ranveer he was born to play this role as a rapper. In his interview with the media the actor told that “When I was asked about ‘Gully Boy’ for the first time, I instantly said this is my film. If someone else would have done the role, I would have died of jealousy.” Ranveer added “It’s a coming together of things very dear to me. Rap, Hip hop music, which I have loved since I was a kid and my city Mumbai”. When he was asked did you take up the offer to rap immediately? Ranveer replied “I am someone who rather enthusiastically jumps at opportunities. I wanted to rap, but Zoya was not sure. I thought that if a young boy wants to be a musician, in such a film, it calls for the actor playing the part to lend his own voice. I could not expect that I could do it here. Zoya said I could sing if I could do a voice test”. Ranveer Singh feels blessed that he has been accepted in all these roles including Padmaavat and Simba. He also rapped “Apna time ayega” which is going through the roof nowadays.“Gully Boy” is expected to hit this week, and there is a huge rush in the cinemas for the tickets.

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