Rank #1:Top 3 SEO tips for Beginners to Rank their website high on Google in 2018

Webmasters, especially beginners, must understand that Google is not Internet, but merely an algorithmically mastered search engine, which can be cracked, but is it that simple?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is probably the most demanding yet key competitive digital marketing advantage that anyone can achieve with intelligence and analytical skills.

Ranking high for your target keywords means you not only in the spotlight but also can help you give strong competition.

With the ever changing trends and diversification, ranking anything past the first page on Google barely means any traffic, so Search Engine Optimization need to be focused if you’re determined about your online presence. 

  We bring 3 most effective SEO Tips especially for beginners to learn the ways and rank their website #1 on google in year 2018.

Even if you are experienced in SEO, you will definitely find a trick or two here that can push your blog page or wordpress site to higher place on Google.

A well-executed SEO, can guarantee a website owner free organic traffic without spending Dollars on Google PPC Adwords. Ranking your Webpage on Google’s first page is both a science and an art.

  1. Make your Content “Thorough”  Time is money and customer’s time is definitely money. But to attract Google search engine user to your page, your Content must outsmart others and that’s why it’s now time for the Search engine optimizers to upgrade themselves to Search Engine DOMINATION.

Yes the next big thing in digital marketing industry, search engine domination with the introduction of Rankbrain, can empower you dominate the results through Superb Content and High Quality Backlinks.

Tips for improving you content for SEO are:

  • An ideal length of a blog post is 1000+ words.
  • Long content will out-seo any other shorter form.
  • Long posts will naturally contain more keywords.
  • Longer content, more time on site (also known as dwell time), which is a KPI when it comes to rankings in google.

A study performed on Over Millions of Blogs posts

  • Write your best article on the topic that you chose and condense the top 10 search results for relative keywords.

Tips to improve the holy grail of SEO, High Quality Backlinking are:

  • Check sites that are linking with your competitors and try to get a backlink to your site.
  • Try to buy expiring domains and 301 redirect them to your site.
  • You can always try writing a guest posts and go on podcasts.

2. Key Words in Title and meta description

Imagine you search for a cosmetic surgeon in your area that specializes in Lips Augmentation. You search Google for “Lip augmentation near me,” and this gives you results of cosmetic surgeons in your area. With so many options to choose from, you naturally going to rapidly scan the title tags to see your options. There’s one that states, “Lip augmentation specialist in Delhi.” This title tag uses the keyword you used, mentions that the person is a specialist and he’s in your area. Bulls Eye!!

To further narrow down your options you scan the meta description and see, “Providing lips augmentation services for an affordable price. Free consultations are available.” This is it, I guess, as you will definitely click it as you know the required service is expensive and you get option to talk to the specialist for free with the best price possible (if you avail the service)

Now, take this scenario and think about your consumers. What will make them click through to your website?

The best key-ways to get Internet users to click through to your site just by reading your Title Tags:

  • Low Price (affordable, lowest price, best price, lower rates or percentage off)
  • Freshness (“The Best Products of 2018” or “What You Need to Buy in October for a Wedding)
  • Volume (“A List of All Indian Restaurants in Dubai.”, “100 Things to Do in Los Vegas.”)
  • Speed (“Free Shipping & Fast Delivery” , Quick Ways, 5 min craft)
  • Brand (Referencing a strong brand like M.A.C can drive click-through rates incredibly for cosmetics lovers)

The best ways to get Internet users Click-Worthy Meta Descriptions on your site

Related image

A starting paragraph in Google underneath your title tag, the meta description, is the second place people look after the heading tag. Here are some tips to really hook searchers to click through.

  • Price (“flexible payment plan”)
  • Competitor’s Meta Description analytics “came saw conquered”
  • Make people curious (Have you ever wondered..click here to find the answer.)
  • Explain Benefits (It’s your benefits of your business’ offerings that compel people to click through to your website.)
  • Use Keyword (Its natural for someone to notice a meta description more relevant to their used keyword)

 3. Use Google Search Console for free

Google Search Console is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.

The Best option for the webmasters is to follow Google Search Console and optimize search engine for better business.

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