Ms.Alice Wells, the  US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for  South and central  Asian Affairs at the Department of States, has said that the Pakistan and United States of America are at a same page with  regard to the international relations with respect to South Asia in general and world affairs in particular.She also praised Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stance regarding the action against non-state actors.

This new statement reflects the Uncle Sam’s conspiracy theory smelling from the statement that shows the Trump administration again want to achieve something from Islamabad that suits its purpose for the time being.

The statement comes at a time when the negotiations between United States and Afghan Taliban  have held and reached no consensus over  the long standing modalities of ending of war between the two sides.

United States have already tried its best to convince the Taliban in Doha, Qatar that they should agreed upon a time frame and modus operandi of ending war and attacks on the joint forces.But this time a statement that comes from a very high-profile official of the Department of  States, for the South Asia Affairs has a undertone of help and live and let live.This is obvious , because the friend of  one time cannot be declared an enemy at another stage at once without keeping in mind the ground realities of the matter in question. In fact United States have tried its best to reach a final solution without taking any help from Pakistan but ultimately it seems to be begging for its help under the new face of  statements issued by the Department of State.The other thing which United States administration is manipulating is the introduction of fresh talks regarding the investment, trade finance and security of the region.Is this the America, which  bothers about the Law and Order situation and security of the South Asia? , whenever there happens a  limited war or war like situation between the two old-aged enemies-India and Pakistan.America always prefer to save the skin of its longstanding ally -India just like it helped India in the past.Temporary relationship cannot go a long way for cementing fragile relationships between the two countries of the world-one of them is the Super Power and the other one  belong to the Poverty stricken  nation of the third world.

This time the Islamabad administration should carefully and prudently analyse this new move of America in the context of the display of Islamabad’s Air Strike against Delhi and in the backdrop of US-Taliban talks especially.The focus should be on the National Interest rather to handle the whole situation of the area and keep the interest of its own without contrary to the interests of the all stake holders.

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