Sri Lankan Attacks -A View Point

The history of Sri Lankan unrest can be found in the past and so is the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elaam-a separatist organisation,which claimed support from India- as the same as the BRA(Baloch Republic Army–a separatist wing established  and supported by RAW(Research and Analysis Wing–a supra sensitive Intelligence organization of India).

Pakistan has always been a staunch supporter of peace and co-existence in the region of South Asia with specific focus on friendly relations with its neighbors–Like India.The theory behind this stance  is that ,the peace of this region is essentially important for the peace of whole of Asia as well  as of the whole world alike.

India on the other hand has always been trying to downplay the efforts of peace through one or another way, just only to show its hegemony and so-called animosity with regard to Pakistan.Although they have a substantial portion of its population i.e., more than the 22 Million of Muslims reside in India.But ,India have never reconciled itself to the creation of Pakistan till today.

India wants to establish its supremacy over its neighbors through the principle of  might is right and employs high-handedness with its neighbors.The boycott of SAARC(South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation) conference held in Islamabad  some time back  has set a very dismal display of International ethical standards of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Sri Lanka , like Pakistan has always been felt  deeply depressed  whenever there comes a  situation of Law and Order arises in their country.India, which have hardly defeated by Pakistan , on the front of recent attempts of War through the violations of  so-called Air Strikes by IAF(Indian Air Force),which met her humiliation all over the World and endorsed by the International media too. In fact, India were thinking, since the event of  February,26 to this day to create a situation in which they could blame Pakistan at least to mitigate its recent defeat by the Pakistan Air Force’s defense strike.

On the one hand Raw designed these attacks of Sri Lankan Churches and trained the stuff for this specific incident to occur in the backdrop of New Zealand mosque attacks and to malign the Muslims,all over the world, especially in Sri Lanka because they know that Sri Lanka have somewhat friendly relations with Pakistan.

The event of Sri Lankan Cricket team attack in 2008 in Lahore was also designed by the RAW in order to cut the Cricket playing Nations tours to Pakistan , only to isolate Pakistan Cricket from the World.

Recently, the negotiations were being done between the two cricket playing nations(Sri Lanka and Pakistan) to have a series of matches to be played in Pakistan,now has been cancelled by the Sri Lankan Cricket Board, after the recent attacks in the Churches in the country.

But , the reports are coming from the Independent sources that these attacks specifically designed, and executed by the Indian Intelligence agency RAW.In this way RAW could have achieved manifold goals for India- a possible victory and voters sympathy for Modi -Sarkar,mitigation of  defeat by the Pakistan Air Force,to evade the feeling of brotherhood created in New Zealand between Christians and Muslims, to strengthen the stereotype old -aged slogan that “all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims”, to propagate the agenda of failed state with special reference to Pakistan and to inform to the outside world that Pakistan still is the biggest nursery of terrorists and terrorism is nourished in Pakistan.

But the reports of Independent media  are saying something else, contrary to the  Indian mindset , that the recent attacks in the churches of Sri Lanka have  connections to the land of  Modi -dharti maata–India.

The World should take it seriously and think wisely that who is responsible for the unrest in South Asia and also creating threats to the world peace.It is an eye-opener for the Indian lobby and world powers to think over their strategy to revise it with regard to India, if these powers are interested in long-lasting peace of the region.

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