What one can say about the new controversy over the issue of One-Eid celebration in the country-a wish long long ago the Nation cherished a lot.But such kind of Maulvi- like Mufti Popalzai -who belongs to Peshawar – has not yet reconciled himself  to the scientific innovations and discoveries of the modern world- anymore.

The Shariah-the text of The Holy Quran has not determined the way of sighting moon at the eve of Eid-ul-Fiter. But such type of  Ulema- who do not wish to establish the supremacy of the Holy Quran-rather say that the scientific discoveries and modern technology is un-Islamic and against Shariah.

We have to appreciate this step of the Government of Pakistan-that paves the way for One-Eid Celebration in the whole country.This assumption is not a wishful thinking but an effort to  create  a feeling of Unity and discipline among the Nation for an Islamic -religious celebration. Mufti Popalzai, on the other hand promotes his own agenda of establishing his own supremacy in the name of religion and creates ethnic divide in the country on this holy-cum-religious festival of the whole Muslims.This type of  the lot of Ulema of our country  does believe in other medical science discoveries, when they go to National or International Hospitals for their own treatment to abroad.At that occasion they do not object the violation of Shariah Principles-because they are the real beneficiaries.In fact they are self centered and even selfish persons and whenever , they  get a chance to dominate, they do not leave the chance of  accomplishing the selfish agenda to others.

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