Pakistani Politics goes slang

The recent comments of Imran Khan regarding Bilawal Bhutto Zardari the co-chair person of PPP that says him as Sahiba stirs a lot of hue and cry in the political circles of  politics.But none of  the parties  seem to be  unwilling to change the stance they taken against each other.The other day Bilawal comments against Imran Khan by saying him as “Na-ehal” Prime Minister who is also a “selectee” by some one -the notion everybody knows goes towards the Establishment.In this whole episode the real “Sahiba” the wife  of famous character  Rambo  and a celebrity herself did not object.

“Sahiba” the word in itself having meaning in the cultural life of the  Punjab meant for a lady who has a authority over her household and servants and enjoys a commanding position in the household affairs along with matters related to the governance of her husband’s territory alike.She The “Sahiba” enjoys a  noble and polite outlook around her friends and companions and having a profound and everlasting personality impact over her servants also.

But the whole affair seems to be tilted towards maligning Imran Khan as the opposition could not dislodge him from the present state of affairs.If we go into the past the initiation of using slang was started by the then opposition of Imran Khan under his “Dharna” politics which compelled the masses to approve his comments  in his love and above all against the animosity of Mian Nawaz Sharif-the then Prime Minister of Pakistan.

In fact the language shows the ethical standards of any Nation of the world.If it compromises at any level the journey of  abusing each other could not be controlled.But Pakistani politicians are used to of it , because they had a history of it,when they are in power they recommend it , and even if they are not in the power, they dislike it to be used only when it is used against the and if not so , they recommend it for others.

The standards in overall from all walks of life have been changing , after the introduction of social media,which has a more powerful tool of communication in these days  and so on.

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